Slidell Hoarding Cleanup

Restore Pros offers Slidell hoarding cleanup services for locals dealing with hoarding situations. This type of condition is so common that there are now a handful of television shows that deal with these situations. Many people who are hoarders also deal with the overwhelming emotional attachment that affects the way they feel about objects. They may be in the midst of getting over the loss of loved one, were homeless for a number of years or suffered through some kind of psychological trauma that has caused them to adopt this kind of living situation.Those individuals need a company like Restore Pros that actually care about their feelings, emotions and most importantly, their home.

We understand the difficulties that you might face. If you're a hoarder who wants to turn your life around and get your life back on track, you might feel so embarrassed about your problem that you don't want to reach out and get help. If you have a loved one who is a hoarder, he or she may feel the same way and even have a hard time letting people into the home. With our fast and discreet services, you will have your home back quickly and with little nuisance to your neighbors.


As one of the few local companies trained in the handling of bio-hazardous waste and materials, you can rest assured that we've both seen and done it all. Some of our previous jobs involved the cleaning up of homes that had no running water or electricity for months or even years. The hoarding jobs that you see on television sometimes involve animal hoarders. These men and women may have dead or dying animals living in their homes. Our trained crew can remove those dead animals and make arrangements for the care of any sick or diseased animals too.





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Part of what makes our services so special is that we are more compassionate than our competitors. We understand that hoarding is a psychological condition and that hoarders don't need to be judged and criticized for what they keep. Instead of coming in and taking over the house, we work with our clients and help them understand everything we need to do. Many of our former customers were so happy with our work that they recommended us to others going through the same situations. Not only will we remove trash and waste from the property, but we'll also clean every area of the house and surrounding property too.

Not all of our clients call us because of hoarding that involves themselves or their loved ones. Some of our clients contacted us after buying a house that a hoarder once owned. While you can get those homes at bargain prices, you need to take care of the clean up. With our Slidell hoarding cleanup services, you can let us take care of the cleaning and keep your hands clean. Call today to schedule a time for us to come out and give you an estimate for the clean up of your home or property.