Professional New Orleans Remediation Services

What is a remediation service? To begin, remediation means “the correction of something bad or defective,” and that is what we here at RestorePros do for our clients. We provide a service to fix what is too difficult and traumatic for many families to do alone. We perform our task with efficiency, compassion and care. These are the principles of the job at RestorePros Remediation Services.


Remediation services is an umbrella term for a few different services. In essence, we handle the jobs that most cleaning and organization companies avoid. RestorePros is one of the most highly recommended New Orleans remediation services because we handle everything from hoarding cleaning and organization, to crime scene cleanup, trauma and accident cleanup, as well as suicide and biohazard cleanup. Our highly trained specialists restore a space to a safe and sanitize setting.


With over 30 combined years of experience in healthcare related industries, we have seen first-hand the kind of harmful effects that can occur when civilians expose themselves to the biohazardous materials found in crime scenes, accidents, and other situations. That is why we are trained in biohazard waste and material disposal as well as trained to eliminate blood borne pathogens that can linger after an accident or death has occurred. Our stamp of approval after a job is finished means more than just a completion of services, it says to our client that they can rest assured that the space is clean and safe for habitation.


If you are looking for the best in New Orleans remediation services, look no further than RestorePros. We are the professional, compassionate and trustworthy team that you want helping you through this difficult time.


If you have more questions about our remediation services or are looking for a quote, please contact us at our toll-free number at 877-59-RESTORE or at 504-451-5080 for more information.

New Orleans Remediation Services