Police Department Cleanup Services in Louisiana & Mississippi

Police Department Services


Emergency Vehicle and Equipment Cleaning

RestorePros Remediation Services, LLC can handle the cleaning and disinfection of emergency vehicles after the transport of a person which leaves behind any number of potentially hazardous bodily fluids from urine and vomit to blood and feces. We give public agencies very reasonable rates for this service and can usually be on the scene within 45 minutes of a call. We will completely clean and disinfect the passenger compartment as well as door handles, compartment divider, windows, equipment, etc. Call us for more information.


Jail/Holding Cell Cleaning

We are specially trained to clean and disinfect jail/holding cells affected with bodily fluids and pepper spray.  After the discovery of a biohazard spill in a cell, it is important that it is properly cleaned and disinfected to prevent the spread to other inmates.