RestorePros are the New Orleans Hoarding Cleanup Crew

We have all seen the television shows about hoarding. There is probably one relative or family friend that you would consider a hoarder. But what exactly is a hoarder? A hoarder is someone that has difficulty keeping their home or property clean and organized, often collecting and diverting different piles of clutter from room to room. When the condition becomes severe enough, many people can no longer maneuver around their home or have guests because of the safety and sanitation risks. A hoarder goes beyond the average packrat and usually the problems are so overwhelming, they can’t manage the cleanup alone.


But that is where RestorePros Remediation comes to help! We are a company compassionate to the needs and concerns of hoarders and their loved ones. We can help with every facet of the cleanup process, from start to finish. We want to be your New Orleans hoarding cleanup crew and we’ll be there with you every step of the way. We can handle everything from cleaning, organizing, recovering sentimental and important documents, biohazard cleaning, appliance recycling, packaging and transport of clutter, we’ll even help you donate items to your favorite charity of choice!


At RestorePros Remediation, we understand the long and difficult road that is overcoming a hoarding compulsion. We want to help you in your journey by minimizing the enormous task of a home cleaning. Please think of us as your New Orleans hoarding cleanup team when you are ready to make the change from cluttered and chaotic to clean and organized. Our specialists have seen it all, so don’t be afraid to call and get more information. We operate in all of New Orleans including Jefferson, Orleans, and St. Bernard Parishes.


You can call us toll-free at 877-59-RESTORE or 504-451-5080 you can also email us at to get more information, quotes and questions.


Get your home and life back with the help of RestorePros Remediation! Professional, Discreet, and Compassionate Service. Call Today!

New Orleans Hoarding Cleanup Crew