The Experts at New Orleans Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime is a part of every town across America. Not every crime is a dangerous or violent one, but for the ones that are, who and how are these scenes remediated? With the help of professionals like RestorePros Remediation, the experts in New Orleans crime scene cleanup.


When a person dies during a terrible accident or due to criminal activity, the devastation can be overwhelming for many families. Leaving a family to cleanup a crime scene only adds further sorrow and trauma to an already difficult time. With RestorePros, you can trust that we are recommended as the New Orleans crime scene cleanup service due to our compassionate care, our years of experience and affordable pricing.


Cleaning up crime scenes is not a task that distraught civilians should undertake. There are many dangerous parts to a crime scene such as biohazard material, blood, and bodily fluids that should be handled with professional care. In order to prevent problems like disease spread, mold and smell, let the experienced and understanding care of RestorePros help you get your space back, clean and removed of the physical evidence of this troubling time.


The entire RestorePros team has a combined 32+ years’ experience in the healthcare industry and our goal for all of our clients is to provide relief in knowing that a space is clean and safe for people to inhabit. If you are considering selling a property, you will have to show confirmation that the space is habitable and RestorePros can provide that certification. We are certified experts in biohazard cleaning and trained in handling bloodborne pathogens. If you own a space and need crime scene cleanup, be sure to call RestorePros. We operate all over New Orleans and corresponding suburbs.


If you have more questions about crime scene cleanup, our certifications or need a quote, give us a call at our toll-free number 877-59-RESTORE or 504-451-5080. You can also email us your questions at

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