Morgan City Hoarding Cleanup

Did you know that over 50% of Americans can identify someone in their life who they classify as a “hoarder”? Yet, only 4% of Americans recognize that hoarding is a classifiable mental disorder. Hoarding is a dangerous behavioral result of a mental disorder that can not only damage or end the life of the one experiencing it, but also the lives of others around them. According to Restore Pros hoarders are twice as likely to also experience other mood disorders such as depression or obsessive compulsive disorder. It can be extremely painful for friends or families of hoarders. Restore Pros Remediation assists Morgan City Hoarding Cleanup clients by understanding the pain and struggle that friends and families experience when trying to support those struggling with hoarding. We offer cleanup services and give the highest sensitivity and care during the process.

Hoarders and their families can be discriminated against since it is such a misunderstood disorder. Hoarders are often seen as “lazy” or “dirty”, and not as a person who struggles with a very real disorder. Reality TV shows paint hoarders and their families in a negative life – making them like zoo animals to be watched and spectated. Restore Pros Remediation seeks to give these families a kind, compassionate, and sensitive experience, protecting them from prejudice and dealing with the problem in a sincere and understanding way. 

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Restore Pros Remediation offers a variety of services for families, not only limited to hoarding cleanup. Often times, dangerous and sensitive messes can be a real strain on a family, especially after a death or the interference of civic groups. Restore Pros Remediation has worked in the healthcare and social industries for over 20 years and we are experienced in helping families and individuals with their hoarding needs. We are capable of cleaning biohazard materials, removing large appliances and detailed material cleanups. No mess is too big or small for Restore Pros Remediation Services. We operate all over Southeast Louisiana and Mississippi and we are dedicated to helping those in our communities with this private transition.

Regular and de-cluttering services are also offered for work spaces or companies in addition to individuals and families. Restore Pros Remeditation is dedicated to helping people everywhere with their difficult messes. They offer information to help families and organizations determine when their help is needed. They are a supportive group who seeks to debunk stereotypes about hoarders and instead partner with them on their path to recovery. You can visit our Hoarding Cleanup Services page to learn more about hoarding, gain an assessment, access services, or talk with professionals.