At a certain point, it's no longer messiness - it's a disorder. Hoarding is a serious problem for many people across the country. And if you need a Mississippi hoarding cleanup company, you have to turn no farther than Restore Pros Remediation Services.


A hoarding cleaning job isn't as simple as just throwing things into trash bags. Yes, that is one step in the process. But there's a lot more that needs to happen. You need to go through the house, to make sure that it's still structurally sound. Some houses are so covered and ruined by hoarding, that their very foundations can be damaged. Rotting wood, floorboards broken apart - it can all be a result of overwhelming amounts of hoarding.


Why does hoarding happen? There's a couple of psychological theories, but what everyone agrees on is that it's a disorder. There could be a compulsion to keep things, or just a fear of throwing away something valuable or otherwise important, like a family memento.


Hoarding doesn't even have to be non-living things. Sometimes, a person may be hoarding multiple living animals inside their house. This isn't just 5 cats we're talking about - these are serious cases that require serious hoarding cleanup.


Are you trying to figure out if a family member, in Mississippi, is in need of a hoarding cleanup job? There's a couple things to look at in a house. A majority of hoarding cases will not only have trash inside, but also outside. See if there is trash in the front yard, or back. Then, review the inside of the house. Are pathways being blocked by trash? Is there food that has long since expired? Are there piles of duplicate items? If you're seeing a variety of any of these symptoms, then it's time to find a local, Mississippi hoarding cleanup company like ours.


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A Mississippi Hoarding Cleanup Company Could Save A House & Life

Mississippi Hoarding Cleanup Company