Metairie Hoarding cleanup

When a building is a disaster due to long-term hoarding, it requires the knowledge of technicians from Restore Pros to remove debris, sanitize surfaces and reduce foul odors. Our Metairie hoarding cleanup services are the perfect solution for this problem because we have the equipment and experience necessary to haul away loads of trash before cleaning floors, walls and ceilings. RestorePros Remediation works throughout Louisiana and Mississippi at residential or commercial properties. We welcome questions from prospective clients who want to have high-quality cleaning services that are customized to suit their particular requirements. 





High-Quality Cleaning Services in Hoarding Environments
We can Remove Contaminated Materials from Buildings

First, we inspect a building to determine if it is safe for our technicians to enter because we must check for gas and water leaks to protect our technicians from danger. Our technicians will contact utility companies to turn off natural gas, and they are able to turn off water at a main valve to prevent additional moisture damage. In some cases, a building where hoarding has occurred has no electrical power, requiring us to use the generators that are located on our service vans. When a building has hazardous materials such as mold or sewage, our cleaning crew is required to wear protective clothing, goggles and breathing apparatus to avoid an illness. 










Fast Disposal of Trash and Household Goods

After beginning to inspect a building, we may determine that vermin such as cockroaches or rats are lurking underneath the debris and inside walls, and our company can arrange to have bait or steel traps placed to capture or eliminate rodents or insects. We bring trucks and dumpsters to a cleanup site to have a place to store trash such as paper, building materials, carpeting and household goods. In hoarding situations, most items in a building are contaminated and require specialized disposal to avoid spreading pathogens such as viruses, mold and bacteria. Boxes of items stored inside a hoarded building often have foul odors and contamination from rodent or insect waste. 










We Can Meet Our Deadlines for a Cleanup

However, we are aware that our clients will want to search for mementos such as photographs and valuables such as jewelry while we perform the cleaning process. We keep in contact with our clients who need to find the possessions that are lost underneath piles of debris. Our technicians understand that customers might feel embarrassed about a home or business where hoarding has occurred, and we offer a fast way to remove debris to avoid ramifications from government officials who may have a deadline for the cleaning process. RestorePros offers the highest quality Metairie hoarding cleanup services that include removal of debris, washing surfaces and applying odor-controlling chemicals. Contact us today to hire us for cleaning services at private residences, apartments and commercial properties or just to answer more of your questions! 


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Metairie hoarding cleanup