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There are certain situations that call for not your usual cleanup crew. These instances often involve certain types of biohazardous material. These moments requires specially trained and outfitted personnel to handle these tasks, the kind of professionals that you will find at RestorePros Remediation Services.


Remediation services is an umbrella terms that encompasses many different features of our company. We manage and complete the difficult, unsafe or overwhelming tasks that our clients cannot handle on their own. We are the professional, discreet and compassionate Louisiana biohazard cleanup team that you have been searching for!


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What does biohazard cleanup include? It means a number of different tasks. Do you know someone in your life or family that is considered a hoarder? Appliances like refrigerators, ovens and bathrooms that have not been properly cleaned for long periods of time can be considered a hazardous space. When there is a crime scene or decomposing body left for a lengthy period of time, diseases can be transmitted through blood and bodily fluids for days sometimes weeks afterward. If someone in your home suffered an accident and left behind physical evidence, there is a way to clean it and be sure that it sanitary. We are well-versed in these techniques and strongly recommend that families and friends do not attempt to clean these scenes alone, for both emotional and physical health reasons.


That is why we began RestorePros. We wanted to create a company that could help those with these overwhelming tasks and provide them with safe, trustworthy and professional care. Our specialists are trained and certified to handle and properly dispose of biohazard materials and other kinds of harmful residues. Our Louisiana biohazard cleanup services operate all over lower Louisiana as well as several counties in Mississippi, you can find your county or parish on our Service Areas page.


If you have more questions about what RestorePros can do for you, please contact our toll-free number at 877-59-RESTORE or 504-451-5080 or email us at for more information.

Louisiana Biohazard Cleanup