Lafayette Hoarding Cleanup

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If you are faced with cleaning a home where hoarding has occurred, then you need to hire professionals who have the equipment to complete an assortment of difficult tasks. Restore Pros Mediation has been providing Lafayette hoarding cleanup services since 2014. We are the premier company in the region with an understanding of cleaning hoarding environments. Many people watch television programs about hoarding and think that it is easy to clean a home in just a few hours, but in most cases, hoarding within a home has taken place for many years, leading to a complex decluttering process. 


Remaining Safe during the Cleanup


The customers contacting us are often relatives of a hoarder who has passed away or perhaps has entered a nursing home or just ready to make a life change. They are faced with a huge and frequently emotional task of removing tons of possessions from a building that may have contamination from insects, rodents or other pathogens. Not only is it possible to contract an illness from mold or pests, but also, there are dangers underneath the debris that include:

• Rotting floorboards
• Falling ceilings
• Exposed electrical wires
• Leaking plumbing
• Raw sewage


In addition to having a lot of debris to remove from a building, relatives of hoarders or a hoarder can be faced with restrictions from government authorities during the cleaning process because the building might be condemned. Our team of technicians may need to work in a home that has no electricity or water because the utilities have been turned off. We must make sure that there are no ruptured or leaking natural gas lines located inside or outside the structure to avoid an explosion, fire or illness from fumes. 



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How We Remove Debris

After making sure that we can enter the building safely, our team must begin the removal process by taking items from a home for safe disposal. Depending on the condition of the debris, customers might need to sort through the items to find valuables such as jewelry or mementos such as photographs. Most furniture and appliances in a hoarding environment are not suitable for donation because there is contamination from sewage or mold, and we must place the items in a dumpster or truck for disposal at a landfill. 










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After all of the trash is removed from a home, we are able to repair the other problems such as holes in drywall or floors. Anything that is contaminated with sewage or mold requires removal to prevent the spread of pathogens throughout the home. We can clean small amounts of contamination from surfaces but must often remove wall-to-wall carpets, plumbing fixtures and cabinets that are beyond repair. Our customers may need to have extensive extermination in a hoarding home to get rid of cockroaches or rats, and in many cases, there is additional damage inside the home from vermin. To learn more about Lafayette hoarding cleanup services provided by Restore Pros Remediation, you can contact us via phone, email or the contact form at the bottom of this page.