Houma Hoarding Cleanup services

Handling Hoarders with Care

f your relative or loved one is a hoarder you have some difficult decisions to make. Maybe they've asked you for help or just let you take over the whole mess. You're glad they're taking the step to a new and better life but you're also confused about what to do. You know you can't just rush in with a mop and some trash bags; you need a comprehensive solution that will get a huge, dirty job done while treating your loved one with compassion. At RestorePros Remediation we understand completely. 

We deal with those with hoarding disorders regularly and we know how to handle the situation with both competence and compassion. We will get the house cleaned up, and we'll do it quickly and efficiently. We'll also treat your loved one with care and without judgment.

Or maybe you're a hoarder who's decided to give yourself a brighter future. Congratulations on a brave choice. You may be anxious at the thought that strangers will be pawing through your personal belongings and won't understand what this means to you. 










Houma Hoarding Cleanup Services

We can reassure you on all these counts. We have extensive experience with various kinds of homes and we know that each one is unique. You won't be just another job to us, you'll be a person we treat with the respect you deserve.

We'll begin with an evaluation of your home and an assessment of what equipment we'll need, how long it will take, and what to expect each step of the way. 

On cleanup day, our expert crew will arrive with everything they need to box and bag the mess while preserving any important documents or items with sentimental value. We'll clear everything out and separate trash from treasure. We'll save anything that's usable and donate it to your favorite charity.










After the clear-out we'll remove all biohazards. This can include human or animal waste, blood, sharp items and anything else that could harm you, your pets or your family. This type of cleaning should only be done by certified professionals in the proper gear. We'll also point out any structural damage that you need to address to keep your home safe.

We finish with a thorough cleaning that will make the home shine as it probably hasn't in years. You won't believe the transformation. And it won't just be in your house. It will be in you and in the happiness of those who love you.





Yes, we'll give you a clean start, but what we mostly give you is peace of mind. Because we regularly work with delicate situations like crime cleanups, we are committed to a policy of strict confidentiality and privacy. We will never reveal details about your case to anyone without your express permission. 

The massive job of a hoarding cleanup requires professional, compassionate help. At RestorePros Remediation we are fully equipped to provide this expertise and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service. Call us today to get started on the bright new future waiting for you.

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