Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some questions we typically receive in regards to our services.  If you do not see an answer to your question, Please fill out the 'Contact Us' form and a representative will respond to your question.

Why do I need RestorePros?


Some pathogens found in biohazard waste can live outside the body for weeks and still be contagious.

In the past few decades, disease causing organisms found in bodily fluids have become more prevelant, contagious and hazardous to a persons general well-being.

Proper remediation and disinfecting of a biohazardous area is the only way to ensure 100% removal and neutralization of all dangerous bloodborne pathogens and disease.  Remediation is this only way to ensure the safety of current and future residents.

Our employees are specially trained and certified to handle the hazardous situations mentioned above.

How much do your services cost?


Although we would love to give one flat fee, every job is unique.  The cost depends on a multitude of factors that are determined on site, however estimates are given on site before any work begins.

Do I have to be on site during the remediation process?


RestorePros does not require inhabitants or owners to be on location during the remediation process. The only time we require someone to be at the home or business is for the initial estimate.

What do you mean by satisfaction guaranteed?


We guarantee that your home, business or auto will be fully cleaned and disinfected of all harmful pathogens.  If anything appears unsatisfactory to you, one of our technicians will assess the environement at no charge.