Denham Springs Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding, or hanging on to items because you or a loved one just can't seem to part with them is more than just being a pack rat. The habit can have serious consequences for those affected. Piles of collected items can grow large enough to block access to areas in the home, is unsightly, and can harbor harmful mold, bacteria, and attract vermin. However, since hoarding is a complicated situation, it is a disorder that must be approached with respect and understanding. Restore Pros Remediation has the knowledge and compassion to assist you in dealing with any Denham Springs hoarding cleanup project. 

Hoarding as a Mental Disorder

Today, hoarding is recognized as a mental disorder that may signify a complex anxiety disorder. It may be triggered by an emotional trauma such as the death of a loved one. Hoarders often feel anxious and out of control of life. To them, hoarding becomes a way of gaining an element of control. Because hoarding is a mental disorder, hoarders must be approached with kindness and understanding. One must earn the trust of those who struggle with hoarding before beginning the cleanup process. Compassion, respect, and communication are keys to ensuring a successful cleanup. 

Hoarding is Not Collecting

Getting hoarders to understand the true value of the things they hoard is a major challenge. Hoarding is different from collecting. Unlike collections, items that hoarders hang on to usually have little or no monetary value. While collectors may amass a large collection of items, they are usually of value. Collectors also take pride in their collections, keeping them neat and organized. 

One approach to dealing with hoarders is getting them to realize that the items they are hanging onto have no real monetary value. Another approach is to ask if they would like to donate the items. This will empower the hoarder with a feeling of control as they now must make a decision about what will happen to the items they haven't been able to let go.

Tips for Approaching a Hoarder
  • Hoarders typically don't reach out for help on their own. A loved one or a family member will have to initiate the cleanup process. following are some do's and don'ts for dealing with hoarders. 

  • Never clean a hoarder's home without their knowledge. This destroys trust and takes away the individual's control. 

  • Do not make negative comments to the hoarder. Showing compassion helps earn trust and respect.

  • Do not make threats such as cutting off contact with them unless they change. Again, this takes away their feeling of control. 

  • Do consider taking the individual out to lunch or a coffee to initiate discussions concerning the problem. 

  • Do make it clear that you are concerned about the individuals health and safety. 

  • Do consider enrolling the hoarder in professional therapy. 

When you have set the stage for a successful cleanup in the hoarder's home, rest assured that Restore Pros Remediation is the most trusted company for Denham Springs Hoarding Cleanup. We have the professionalism and compassion to assist in changing the hoarder's life for the better.