Crime Scene Cleanup in Louisiana & Mississippi

Crime Scene Cleanup


RestorePros Remediation Services provides affordable and compassionate crime scene cleanup services in Louisiana and Mississippi.  Our crime scene clean up service incorporates proper cleaning, application of safe disinfectants, and legal biohazard disposal, following any serious trauma or death. Our trained technicians will respond quickly to your home or business 24 hours a day.


The unexpected death of a loved one can be an extremely emotional time for anyone. When the death leaves behind a traumatic scene, these feelings are only compounded by the image of the events that took place which can remain in loved ones memories forever. Do not further traumatize yourself by attempting to cleanup the scene yourself. Professional crime scene cleanup should be performed in order to safely remove the blood borne pathogens that are left behind. Let the caring staff at RestorePros Remediation Services, LLC provide you with the piece of mind that the scene was cleaned and disinfected completely.

Most people don't realize that any crime scene can be hazardous. Even if the victim was a friend or family member, it does not mean there are no dangers present. There are dozens of pathogens and diseases that can be transmitted through blood and bodily fluids during the crime scene cleanup process. Some of these, do not show any signs or symptoms for years. It is imperative that crime scene cleanup is performed by professionals to make sure the scene is cleaned and disinfected thoroughly to prevent exposure to future occupants. Did you know diseases like Hepatitis can live outside the body for weeks and still be contagious? It can even survive after blood is wiped away if improper disinfection techniques were used. Why risk unnecessary exposure?  Let the certified experts at RestorePros Remediation Services handle the cleanup.