About Us

RestorePros was established in 2014 by individuals who saw the need for a remediation service company that was professional, discreet and compassionate.

With 32+ years of combined experience in healthcare we are no stranger to biohazardous waste.  We care about our customers and want to do everything possible to lessen the stress and responsibilities of unfortunate events.

5 Things to Know about RestorePros!


Fact 1: Our Company cleans up after hoarding, crime, trauma, suicide, unattended death, and more.


Fact 2: We are specially trained and AMDECON certified to safely handle biohazardous materials and bloodborne pathogens.


Fact 3: We can clean your home, business, and auto.


Fact 4: Improper cleaning can be dangerous to residents and lead to loss of property value


Fact 5: Most insurances pay for our services.


Don't Stress! Allow us to relieve the physical & emotional burden of cleaning after a crisis.


The One Call That Cleans It All 504-451-5080 or 877-59-RESTORE