Baton Rouge Hoarding Cleanup

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A friend hands you an item intended as a gift, and you thank them and set it aside. Days or weeks later it is still sitting in the same spot until you stash it in a 'safe' place. Soon, there is a room full of clutter, and now the chore exists. For the majority of people, they simply clean house and put everything away. However, for individuals who are unable to clean house, the situation grows to epic proportions and enters the realm of hoarding. Now is the time to call Baton Rouge Hoarding Cleanup Services for a free on-site evaluation and estimate.

Our Clutter Cleaning Specialists are also human and understand the needs of protecting valuables, sentimental items, and relevant documents. Part of the organizing process involves creating stacks and containers to sort these things for later. Have no fear that something important will end up in the garbage as we invite our clients to look through every crate before anything else happens.


Delivery of storage bins and filing boxes arrive at the property, and as they fill up, we carefully stack them for further examination. Typical household items such as remote control units, ashtrays, drink coasters, and TV Guides get a thorough cleaning and put back in place unless the property goes up for sale. In that case, we carefully package them away with the other personal items and transported to the agreed upon location.


Due to the rise in potential contaminants, biohazards cleaning is standard procedure and includes animal and human waste. Elderly and terminally ill people often have problems taking pets out to potty and have accidents of their own. We handle the concerns with these issues as we have approved cleaning equipment and liquids to bring up all traces of bodily fluids. All medications and sharp instruments and needles go inside specially designed containers and then properly disposed of at certified facilities.


Such items as appliances qualify for recycling and hauling them off is part of our service, along with other elements that need to donate to charities of your choice. We adhere to the recommendations for cleaning and sanitizing all types of objects and include transportation to the specified location for donation.


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